Krauser Classic Side Case Set

46 54 1 235 100
46 54 1 235 100
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Krauser have been the leading luggage solution for classic BMW motorcycles since they have been available as an optional accessory in 1971. As time went on, the manufacturer stopped producing these cases to the disappointment of many BMW riders. This created a vast demand that was unable to be filled with no solution offered. Siebenrock stepped into to fill the void by partnering with Hepco & Becker to create a new and improved versions of Krauser products.

For sale as a pair are Krauser classic side cases for your classic BMW. These new and improved cases are superior to the old style cases yet maintain the same classic look and feel. They come with a Krauser emblem but can be changed out with a BMW emblem, which is part number 46 63 7 686 746. The locks have been seriously upgraded from the old style cases. The top latches now feature a lock that requires an actual key to open and not just a paper clip. The side locks that fit the case to the side carrier are even more robust and secure to the case using a claw like hook. High quality removable inner bags are an available option being 46 54 1 235 101 for the left and 46 54 1 235 102 for the right. Capacity has also been increased to 35 liters for more storage capacity with outer dimensions in inches being:
18.50 width x 10.63 width x 13 height

These Krauser cases will fit to some existing mounts but may require modification for others. These cases will fit perfectly to a Krauser or BMW side carrier if it has the tabs welded onto the back. If you have the simple BMW tubular side carrier without the brackets welded on the back, you will need to purchase an adapter under the part number of 700.015. These Krauser cases will not fit Hepco & Becker side carriers. Below are the corresponding racks and cases available.

There are three different Krauser side carriers available depending on your bike.
46 54 1 239 305 will fit /5 short wheel base versions
46 54 1 239 306 will fit /5 long wheel base versions and /6 /7 models
46 54 1 239 307 will fit monolever bikes after 1985.

There are two different Krauser rear racks available depending on your bike.
46 54 1 239 308 will fit dual shock models up to 1984.
46 54 1 239 309 will fit monolever models from 1984.

There are Krauser top and side cases to fit the Krauser racks.
46 54 1 235 100 will fit the Krauser side carriers mentioned above.
46 54 1 235 130 will fit the Krauser rear racks mentioned above.